Henry Hudson

-By Kyle Z

Henry Hudson's Voyages

Henry Hudson was a explorer Trying to find a new route to Asia. A company was the one that wanted Henry Hudson to find a new route to Asia, to the arctic ocean the company was called Muscovy. But Henry Hudson was not able to sail any farther because there was to much ice in the north pole to finish. Many people also sailed the route Henry Hudson did but, did not succeed because of the ice. Also the ship he sailed on was called the Hopewell. He sailed with 10 men and his son but once they hit the ice they had to sail south east.

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When Henry Hudson sailed on his second voyage but this time it was harder because Portugal and Spain were controlling that part of the sea. Also the Europeans got all their money and riches from selling metal and gold. Hudson was married living a good life, famous, and had three sons, one of whom sailed on all four of his father’s voyages. But when you were waiting to go to Asia the gold and spices were worth there long waits. He also made four voyages to and attempts to Asia but never succeeded. But he was still very courageous and eager to make his company proud. But sadly he did not because they did not let him pass.
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I think how exploration improved was by all of us getting smarter to make stuff like a gps in cars or high speed boats that run on fuel. Another thing is that we discovered more islands and and countries to put on a map. For instance in the age of exploration when they sailed they would bump into an island because it was never on the map. That also helps us now since we know all the islands we started to explore space where we don’t know every planet or thing in space. Exploration will never end mostly because there are still so much to explore. For example new species may be born or new planets may be made or new islands so therefore I state that we will only get stronger not weaker."according to ages of exploration they say "Henry Hudson first sailed the Arctic Ocean on May 1, 1607, for the English Muscovy Company a firm that wanted to be more known around the world so with the goal of sailing across the North Pole to China. Hudson made it as far as the Svalbard archipelago north of Norway before he was stopped by ice and glaciers. At Spitsbergen (now called Svalbard), he noted the large number of whales. In 1610, Jonas Poole made the same report. Henry Hudson knew many did not succeed on this route but he still tried. which led to the establishment of an English whaling.outpost in Spitsbergen, which became a profitable business"

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