Literature of The Renaissance

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Migel de Cervantes

Cervantes was a Spanish Novelist, poet, and a playwright. He lived from September 29th, 1547 from April 22nd, 1616. Cervantes was most famous for his novel "Don Quixote" which is two separate volumes. "Don Quixote" is a classical of Western Literature. To this day it's regarded among the best fiction ever written! Later in life Cervantes had some financial issues and worked as a tax collector. Cervantes, like a lot of other authors had many different jobs through out his life and is known for his amazing work.
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William Shakespeare

For a lot of us when hearing the name "William Shakespeare" we think of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. William Shakespeare lived April 26th, 1564 until April 23rd, 1616. Shakespeare was an English Poet, a playwright, and an actor! He is well known for his playwrights, as they are widely taught in schools everywhere. Shakespeare was a very respected playwright and poet in his own time but his reputation rose in the 19th century.

John Lyly

John Lyly lived 1554-1606. John was a writer, poet, dramatist, playwright, and politician in his lifetime. Lyly was known best for his novels. Like all artists in his time, he did many things with his life.

John Fletcher

John Fletcher lived from 1579-1625. Like Shakespeare, Fletcher made house playwrights for the "Kings Men." His genres were mainly drama. Fletcher's fame rivaled with Shakespeare, but unlike Shakespeare's, his declined. During his life Fletcher didn't go through as many jobs. He stayed as a playwright for a long while.

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