Traveling The Oregon Trail

Why Pioneers came to Oregon

The Pioneers came to Oregon because the Government promised to give the Pioneers free land, so that convinced the Pioneers to go and travel on the Oregon Trail.

What the Pioneers Traveled In

Pioneers traveled in covered wagons.

Along The Trail

Along the trail it was VERY rare for a Pioneer's wagon train to get attacked by indians. The Pioneers and Indians usually traded their things. Now, on the trail when the oxen would get very tired the Pioneers would have to throw out some of their belongings on the trail to make the Covered Wagons lighter.

How Long the Journeys Were

The Pioneers journeys were 2,000 miles. And more than 300,000 Pioneers traveled on the Oregon Trail! Some thing that is also REALLY cool is that some places people can still see the tracks from the wheels of the Pioneers schooners.