Japanese Sea Lion

Zalophus japonicus

What Does The Japanese Sea Lion Look Like? Where Is It Found? How Long Does It Live?

The Japanese Sea Lion could weigh up to 990 pounds and could reach up to 8.2 feet in length! Males were generally dark gray in color, whereas females were a lighter gray and much smaller in size. The Japanese Sea Lion could be found in the Sea of Japan, as well as the Northwest Pacific, along the coasts of the Korean Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. This marine mammal preferred a coastal habitat so it could easily come onto shore to breed on the beaches and rest in rocky caves. No information could be found on the exact life span of an average Japanese Sea Lion, but its close relative, the California Sea Lion, lives to be about 25 years.
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Who's The Predator And Who's The Prey?

Humans were the main predators of the Japanese Sea Lion, hunting them for their skin, oil, certain organs, and whiskers. It is said that the ancient Oriental myths claimed the organs of a Japanese Sea Lion could be used for medicine, and their whiskers for pipe cleaners. The Japanese Sea Lion's diet was mainly fish, however, limited information does not allow us to get specific about what kinds.

Is It Endangered? How Have Humans Had An Impact On This Animal?

Humans are thought to be the main cause in the Japanese Sea Lion's extinction during the 1950's. These marine mammals were killed to allow fisherman more access to the fish in the waters, hunted for their skin and organs by early Oriental civilizations, and some even dragged into captivity for circuses.
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Interesting Facts Time!

  • It is thought that submarine use in World War II could have also minorly contributed to the species' extinction