Awareness Project

By: Alex Chandler

Terrorism Is A Problem

"The fear is that the tempo of terrorist attacks seems to be increasing, dramatically raising the stress on target countries. The Islamic State has pulled off three operations in a matter of months, with the bombing of South Beirut, the downing of a Russian jetliner, and the Paris attacks. There was a strong possibility that the Islamic State was planning a follow-up attack in Paris, which was thwarted last Wednesday by French authorities when they stormed an apartment in a Paris suburb, resulting in two terrorists' deaths and the arrest of seven alleged confederates. Then Friday, an apparent terrorist cell affiliated with al Qaeda killed more than 20 hostages in a Western hotel in Mali before the attack was put down" (liang).

Issues With Terrorism

"French President François Hollande insists that the Islamic State attack on Paris was an act of war and says the group must be extirpated from its self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq. But that would take an international coalition of boots on the ground involving the U.S., various NATO forces, Turkey, and, of course, Russia and Iran. The problem is that the latter two nations support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is anathema to Turkey and the West" (liang)

Raise awareness

"So the West faces a tough choice of mounting a large force to take out the Islamic State or facing continuing terrorist attacks on the home front. And if there's one thing markets don't like, it's the uncertainty of global disorder" (liang).


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