Canada vs. United States

Political, Economic and Social connections

Comparing Economic State

America has been known for having a great economic standing since World War 2. The U.S has a GPD of over 5.8 trillion. Canada only spends 1.5% more than the GPD of the U.S. Until just a little while before now the U.S has always had a higher market rate than Canada. Canada and America combined would make the worlds largest economy. We trade with Canada all the time and in 2012 we made a total of 707 billion dollars.

Comparing Social State

One relation about social state of Canada and America would be that we share a British colonial heritage. Another relation is in modern day we each speak English. In both countries the pop culture is mostly the same for instance Justin Beiber. We have very close to the same culture too, the only thing is they have Canadian bacon. We are also related, because of the war of 1812.

Comparing Political State

The U.S and Canada political standards are mostly the same. The U.S and Canada share a couple of different government groups. The U.S preforms luggage clearance at 8 different airports in Canada. We even work with Canada to make sure there are no problems at the boundary. We also have the North Atlantic Treaty.