Civil War Spies

By: Emma Werth

Who Were the Civil War Spies?

-Spies were men and women from the Confederacy and the Union
-Some spies were African American

-They dressed up in costumes such as a farm girl, a slave, and an opposing sides soldier

-When dressed up, they used an accent to blend in on whatever side they were on

-Famous Spies included: Harriet Tubman, Belle Boyd, John Yates, William Norris and Betty Duvall

What Did Spies do that made an Impact the Civil War?

-Betty Duvall helped win the 1st Battle of Bull Run by delivering important information about the Union

-All spies smuggled documents in which contained important information about the rival side

-Rose Greenhow helped the Confederate General gather forces to win the 1st Battle of Bull Run

-All spies helped identify other spies

-Mary Richards helped free union prisoners

-All spies helped gain military intelligence from the opposing side

-Harriet Tubman helped free Southern slaves during the Civil War

-Belle Boyd helped Thomas and Beaure Jackson win victories in Shenandoah valley Campaign

-Some spies went to other countries, including England, to try to gain allies

Helped Free Prisoners in Camps

How Did Spies from the Civil War have an Impact in Present Time?

-The Secret service formed
-Spies freed more slaves, gaining better respect for African Americans
-Today we are using the important roll of espionage (spying) as a military tactic
-During the Civil War, many started spying organizations such as the "Signal Bureau Institution", which lead to us today creating more organizations to help out during the time of war
-Made it customary for a country to have an official branch for war effort
-Increased women rights and freedom by allowing them too to be spies and to show what they were made of

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Civil War Spies