Leonardo Da vinci's inventions

information on October 19, 2012

Leonardo Da Vinci armored tank

The armored tank was one of Da vinci's war vehicles. He created the tank in the shape of a turtle. It had 36 guns all the way around the tank. It was powered by manpower and it fit eight men and they moved gears that moved the tank.

Leonardo Da vinci's diving suit

The creation of the diving suit

In the 1500's Leonardo created a far fetched idea to get rid of invading ships. He thought if he sent a man to the bottom of the area of water. The person he had in the water would cut a hole in the bottom of the invading ship.

The creation

This is a suit actually made from his exact design. The suit has a bag of oxygen in the front of the suit. And it has a hose that runs up to land and the person has a unlimited amount of oxygen. The suit has goggles, hoses, for oxygen, and a area for the bathroom in the suit. The compartment for the bathroom is for when the person stays under water for a long time.