By: Marie Lu; Sydney Jantzen; Block 2

Background Information

In Legend you met Day, a wanted criminal, and June, the the government's most promising asset. When June's brother is murdered, Day becomes the prime suspect. But when they meet, the truth is unleashed, and together, they fight for revenge ... and each other.

Prodigy takes you deeper into the revolution. June and Day have escaped from the republic's stronghold in Las Vegas just as the Elector Primo dies, leaving his son, Anden, to take his place. But is the new Elector anything like his father? And was joining the Patriot rebels the right decision for June and Day?

The trilogy concludes with Champion. The outbreak of a deadly new virus causes panic in the colonies, and war threatens the Republic's border cities. June is the online who knows the key to her country's defense. But can she ask the one she loves to give up everything?


Day: A 17 year old runner is slowly dying and losing his memory at the same time. Day is very independent-when it comes to running, but if it's with June, he's all about it. Day has been in love with June since he laid eyes on her. Day is pretty beat up, judging by the amount of work he has to do-climbing, running, training, etc. From what the book says: Day is skinny, young, and has long, blonde, hair. Day is a protagonist.

June: A 17 year old fighter (shooting, martial arts, etc.) that is also independent, unless Day is in the picture. June rarely cries, unless she thinks about her family-like Day. June is also in love with Day even though she has never said it...she knows she does...until it becomes too late. June has some scratches and bruises, but isn't hurt nearly as much as Day. June has long, dark brown/black hair, she is also very skinny. June is professional-from her work with the military. June is also a protagonist.

Anden: The new elector, at age 15, is in competition with Day for June. June still loves Day. Anden realizes that he is in no place to compete for Day. Anden is professional and always has a straight face on. He never cries, nor ever smiles (except maybe once-because of June).

Anden does what is right for his country, winning over there support...with the help of Day. Anden has short dark hair, and is very skinny. Anden would be considered a supporting character.


In this story, I strongly believe, the theme is to "never give up." June and Day went through rough times, but still made it out. Day has a bad leg that was holding him behind during a mission. He had to deal with the pain and make a big jump. He nearly passed out, but kept on running. June's brother died, she wanted to give up and just relax for a minute, but kept her chin up, and found the murderer. Everyone in the story hated the country they lived in, because of the things they were forced into, including poverty, and jobs. That's why people rebelled, but at the end of the day people didn't want to be forced into another country, so they kept on fighting for their country.


This book is set around 100 years in the future, near the year 2132. In the book, it takes place all around the West coast. People are in different places, at different time. They go from California to Las Vegas, and even down to Antartica. The setting in this story is always in or near a city. Being near/in a city gives them the advantage of blending in since they are both wanted by the government.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict in this story would be labeled as Country vs. Country, because the Republic is at war with the colonies. The war was on hold when the Colonies suddenly accused the Republic people of spreading the plague, and holding the cure hostage. The previous electors efforts to win the war had caused the plague outbreak, and quite frankly, the Republic simply didn't have a cure. While the plague had been in the colonies, it had been mutated purposefully, and partially to help them win the war and also blame the Republic for something else.


Three things.

In the book, Thomas (one of June's colleagues) had a smear of grease from a gun in which was on her brother's dead body. This means that Thomas was her brother's killer.

Day's real name is Daniel Altaan Wing. He chose the name Day, because when he was living on the streets he said that everyone took it day by day.

Day wanted to symbolize his love and affection for June, he made a paper clip ring. On the streets (people didn't have money) to propose to someone you would make a paper clip ring. June made one for Day too.

Book Recommendation

I would read this book series a billion times over it was so good. These books had very sad moments and also moments where you laughed. This is a dystopian, sci-fi, mystery book. (Dystopians are like divergent, the hunger games, the maze runner, etc.) When the last book ended I not only cried because it was sad, I cried because when I turned the page and there were no words. I would rate this book 200/10. If you read this book it would make me sooooo happy, because nobody I know has read it, which means I have no one else to talk about it with. These books are definite page turners. I was reading the series-reading every second I had, for hours at a time. HOURS! I stayed up late and got up know what I was doing during the extra time? Reading those books! If you read them, I assure you, you will be 100% satisfied.


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