Young Life Columbus Georgia

From the Field


Hey there leaders, board and friends of Young Life in Columbus.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our leaders, Barbara, was picking her son up from his elementary school. She was encountered by a teacher who has a daughter that is involved with Young Life at Columbus High. The teacher knows that Barbara is a WyldLife leader and wanted to share a story with her. She tearfully told Barbara how her daughter had come home from Young Life club the previous night, in tears herself. The girl shared with her mother about her friend who had come to club and heard her leader, Sarah, share the news of Jesus' death on the cross in the greatest love story ever told. Right then and there, this young lady decided that she needed Jesus. She was drawn to his love and forgiveness and she gave her life to him that night in the little Girl Scout house at Lakebottom Park.

Jesus continues to pursue teenagers through Young Life and WyldLife in our community. Thank you for all you do to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world of kids. Merry Christmas


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CHS kids at the "Little House"