Shelving Guide

Where do all these books go???

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Do Your Best, but Don't Stress

The information below should help you get most things put away properly. It may help to read this once over before you start. However, learning to shelve is a process. Start with one section and get what you can done. Then move on to the next. If there are some books left on the cart at the end of the day, no worries.
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Check In and Organize the Cart- Start with the Spine Labels

After checking the books in (see the check-in/check-out guide), move them to the black cart behind the counter. Then organize the books by their type using the spine labels. Put FIC with FIC, numbers with numbers, E (hardback) with E (hardback), E (paperback) with E (paperback), and FIC Series with FIC Series. Once you have them sorted on the cart, put them in order by number (if applicable) and then by Author. The bottom part of the spine label contains the first 3 letters of the author's last name.

The Straightforward Shelving

The Less-Straightforward Materials

Don't let these throw you off. Consider this like a scavenger hunt! If all else fails, leave the tough cases for the next day. We'll get to them later.

Thanks for your help!


Mrs. Nicoson