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Sept. 2 , 2015

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Administrators - Restorative Discipline Readiness Training for Administrators

“In a Tough High School in Oakland, California, a Restorative Discipline Program Cut Suspensions in Half in Just a Year.”

Headlines like these are appearing all over the country as a hopeful sign that there is another way to respond to student behavior besides zero tolerance policies and punitive systems of behavior management. School administrators need tools to implement a successful whole school model that places the importance of relationship at the heart of the educational experience, and uses that to build healthy school communities, support students and teachers, and address discipline issues. We are offering Restorative Discipline Readiness Training for Administrators on September 28-29.

Read more about what the training will include OR register now.

Digital Learning - Introducing 2015-2016 Student Ambassador Board

The newly-created Student Ambassador Board for Region 11 gathered for the first time during the PRIME Digital Learning Experience in August at ESC Region 11. These 11 students are from Arlington ISD, Coppell ISD, Crowley ISD, Glen Rose ISD, Grandview ISD, Lewisville ISD, Mansfield ISD, Northwest ISD, and Weatherford ISD. During the PRIME conference, they answered educators' questions about learning, then later they created project-based messages about how schools should be structured for optimum learning. Read more and watch the student videos here.

Distance Learning - Marshmallow Challenge? Anyone Can Join the Virtual Fun on Digital Collaboration Day.

Want to participate in a fun design challenge that involves problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity? As part of Global Collaboration Day 2015, the ESC Region 11 Distance Learning Team is hosting The Marshmallow Challenge on September 17, from 10-10:40 a.m. The challenge is to build the tallest, free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow – all in 18 minutes.

This unique event is not limited to schools, but also open to community organizations, businesses, local government entities, or any group of three or four individuals who wants to participate. The unique part of this challenge is that via videoconferencing teams will see each other as they work on this fun project.

Download a flier with all the information or visit the Digital Learning Marshmallow Challenge Web page.

ESC Region 11 Write for Texas Initiative to Help Improve Student Literacy

Compared to other STAAR exams, reading and writing scores are among the lowest across the state. Due to this startling fact, Write for Texas was created by the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, the Institute for Public School Initiatives, and TEA as a resource for high-need schools.

ESC Region 11 has three Write for Texas coaches who will be working with several secondary schools in three qualifying districts this school year to improve writing scores and serve as facilitators of a balanced literacy approach. ESC Region 11’s Write for Texas coaches are Pamela Brown, Dr. Cheryl Hunt, and Kathy Meek. All 20 ESCs have at least one Write for Texas coach.

The purpose of Write for Texas is to create a partnership among all core content areas to incorporate best practices in reading and writing. Write for Texas uses proven, research-based strategies in order to teach students the thinking skills and processes that go into writing effective sentences and paragraphs.

Visit Write for Texas Initiative for more information about the guiding principles of effective writing instruction, professional development resources, and teacher videos modeling instructional practices.

Please contact Carol Scalzo, program assistant, at (817) 740-3645, with questions or for more information on Write for Texas.

K-8 Grade Math Teachers, Instructional Leaders

With the change in the Math TEKS, the way we teach math also has changed. ESC Region 11 has created a blended course of learning – a combination of face-to-face and online – to help you close the gap in your students' learning and testing. Math Academies for the Digital Ages will provide you with a rigorous mathematics learning experience infused with a variety of technologies, problem-based activities, and assessments. Download the flier here.


This year's superintendent book study will focus on "A Beautiful Constraint" by Adam Morgan & Mark Barden. Here’s a link to more information on To make the book study more convenient and available to more superintendents, it will be online using the Canvas Learning Management System for discussion. Several videoconferences will also be held during the year for discussion.

If you would like to participate but did not sign up at the Sept. 2 TASA/Superintendent meeting, you may contact Chris Everett, Ed.D., Director of Administrative Services, (817) 740-7543.

Technology Directors, Technologists

Single sign-on application available for Region 11 districts

ESC Region 11 is partnering with Encore to provide a single sign-on application called Encore Software Solutions. ESS automates the most important and often the most complex functions required to connect users to necessary resources. ESS provides user management, provisioning of resources, and seamless secure access to in-house and third-party online applications (e.g,, networks, gradebook, email, LMS). In addition, ESS qualifies for IMA funds, as the solution contributes to student learning in districts by providing a single point of access to all online educational content (e.g,,, LMS, Discovery Education, Library resources). For more information, please watch the Encore Software Solutions Demo. For pricing and ordering information, please visit our website.

Texas Education Agency - Number of Texas Students Taking ACT Sets New Mark

More Texas Hispanic students in the 2015 graduating class took the ACT college admission test than any other student demographic, according to a report released today by ACT. The strong numbers led the state in setting a new ACT participation mark.

Of the 124,764 Texas students in the 2015 graduating class taking the ACT college admission test, almost 40 percent (48,934) were Hispanic. It’s the second consecutive year where the number of Hispanic students represented the highest number of examinees of any racial ethnic group.

Since 2011, Texas has seen a 22.8 percent increase in ACT test-taking graduates among all student groups.

Read more here.

Three New Members Elected to ESC Region 11 Board of Directors

Three new board members have joined the ESC Region 11 Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 school year. Dr. Larry Blair, Place 1, representing Johnson and Somervell counties; Dennis Hughes, Place 4, representing Erath and Hood counties; and Dr. David Lee, Charter Schools representative, were sworn in at the August meeting. Officers were also elected and include J.B. Morgan, chairman, Dr. Cathy Bryce, vice-chairman, and G.B. Bailey, secretary. ESC Region 11 is governed by an eight-member board of directors, most of whom are active or former educators. Seven are elected by members of local district boards of trustees, and one is from a charter school. The board oversees ESC Region 11's budget and develops policies regarding management, operations, programs and services. Board of Directors Web page.

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