North American Civilisation

By: Jakob Jackson

Indian Civilisation's


They made dams and ditches and canals throughout the Chaco canyon. They made houses out of stone and adobe and their houses were multiple stories, and they were built along a wall or a cliff. There were more than 1000 people here and they were heavily influenced in art and agriculture.


They lived in the Ohio valley in or around 700 BC They raised squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. They made pottery and jewelry and they made burial mounds covered up by dirt (or earth)


They came to the Ohio valley around 300 BC and they built mounds that were 40 to 100 feet high. They found expensive trade items and Adena and Hopewell were both known for the tittle "Mound Builders"


They came to the Mississippi valley around 800 AD and they needed more land because there population grew. They had corn (maize) and beans which would bring in more people to there valley. They had very big cites which resulted in 10,000 people living there. In the middle of the city, there was a mound that was 100 feet high and had a length and width of more than 14 acres, and around this massive mound, there was 120 smaller mounds. They collapsed by the 1300s.