American Government

By: Madison

What type of Government does the United States have? What defines how the government will work? Where does our government meet.

The United States have a Representative Democracy.

Representative Democracy- is a system of government in which all eligible citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them.

The Constitution defines how the government will work.

The Capital of Washington, D.C.

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How is power divided in the government, where one person doesn't get that much power?

There are three branches in the government and checks and balances is the system that is used to keep the branches from getting too powerful than the rest of the branches.
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How many branches do we have and what are they? Also what are the jobs of these parts?

We have three branches and they are called Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

  • Legislative: Has the power to make laws
  • Executive: Has the power to put laws in action
  • Judicial: Judge and interpret laws

The role of citizens in government? Also who are citizens in society?

The citizens vote for the election of the president, and they also vote for laws.

Citizens are everyone that lives in America.

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