A Virtual Reality

By: Theresa

Gear VR headset

Gear VR is a headset that allows a person to escape the natural reality and explore the works of a virtual reality through a Galaxy smartphone.
Gear VR Demonstration

How it works

The technology I have chosen is Virtual Reality Gear VR. How this works is the Gear VR is a headset that requires you to have a Galaxy smartphone to use. How you use it is, you put your smartphone onto the headset and begin streaming; movies or video games
Samsung Gear VR: Gaming

What need this technology is fulfilling?

In my opinion, this technology is fulfilling nothing but, other people (most people) are more involved in technology. Therefor, this is fulfilling people’s needs by allowing them to be more a part of the technology. Allowing people to visit a gaming world right before their eyes.

What is the cost of the technology?

Dollar amount: Around $100 or $200

Privacy:The privacy is pretty well, basically the same as with a smartphone. Considering its connected to your devise.

Social cost:The headset itself costs $100 but, it is only compatible with a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 which are very expensive phones.

How can this help businesses?

Virtual Reality could help businesses a lot actually. For example, this could help movies gain more views and ratings, this could also help businesses for say if a business needed to advertise something they could use the Virtual works of Gear VR.
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How could this help humans?

Virtual Reality couldn’t really help humans on a health note, it’s more for entertainment then anything. This couldn’t help human at all really, the only thing it could do is A). Drive them to insanity or B). Make them lazier then what they are. Kidding. But on a serious note the only way this could help humans is for maybe a advertisement or allowing them to escape reality.

What are the safety concerns?

*Use only in a safe environment

*Quit use after you experience eyestrain, loss of awareness, eye or muscular twitching, Blurred vision etc.

*Children 13 and older should be monitored by a parent while Gear VR is in use, Children under that age should not use.

* **consulting a doctor before using the Gear VR if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious***

What are your thoughts on the life of the technology?

This will probably last a while with tons of updates to it, probably make it smaller in the next couple years. Virtual Reality will never become extinct it’ll continue to pop up all around us throughout the years.

Additional information

The Gear VR has been upgraded with new and improved features:

  • Lighter weight so you can play and watch more comfortably
  • Improved fit, including room for most eyeglasses and improved padding for extra comfort and durability
  • An upgraded touch pad that’s even easier to use
  • You can now watch Netflix and other big Hollywood movies.