Gifted Cluster Grouping

Monique R. Moss

What is cluster grouping?

Cluster grouping is a when a small group, of gifted students, are pulled during the day and benefit from learning together. This small group will work together year after year in elementary school.

How do you know if cluster grouping is for you?

  • Are you in the top 5% of your grade level population?
  • Are you in a mixed ability classroom?
  • Is there a teacher in your school who is capable of teaching gifted students (certified)?
If the answer to all of these questions is yes, cluster grouping may be for you!

There are many advantages to CLUSTER GROUPING.

But there are some disadvantages...


We want you to know there are some disadvantages before you make an educated choice.

  • Parents may pressure school officials to have their children placed in a cluster.
  • New students, who arrive mid-year, may not be placed in a cluster.
  • The gifted instructor isn't differentiating for the cluster.

So is Cluster Grouping for you or your school?

After reading the information above you should be able to make an educated choice about the benefits cluster grouping can bring to your learning environment!