k-9 police force

Skills and Training

Some important skills needed are coordination, active lisening, critical thinking, and social perceptives. I would say being aware of your surroundings for this job is important to. The training needed for this job are intense law enforcement training for yourself and your dog. It's also good to have two or four years in criminal justice before you do this job for experience. Intense training is both important for you and your dog so you both know what you are doing. The dog also goes through test to make sure it can adapt to certain enviorments, and also to see how it reacts around certain people and also its temper. People need to pass a physical test to be in law enforcement.

Why I want to do this Career

I really didn't know what career I wanted to do until the beginning of this year, and I would say this career fits me pretty well. I wanted to do this job because I love helping people and I like dogs. So when you put those two things together you get this career. I also like staying in shape and going outside and this career has those things. Being stuck behind a desk or being stuck inside is really not what I wanted to do with my life. When I thought about it I would be outside and helping people all the time so it's the perfect career for me. I also like german sheperds and thats one of the main dogs used for this career.

What's All Involved With This Career

There is a lot involved with being a k-9 police officer. One can be apprehending suspects, this is when someone is running from the law or needs to be found. Another one is searching for drugs. This can be in schools,airports,or transporting certain things. This job most likely can call you at any point at time so you always need to me ready. You also have to take care of the dog and do some training with it.