Crafts For Charity!

Beneficial Kids Magic

By just buying our amazing products, you're giving to charity and less fortunate individuals of SF!

Here at Crafts For Charity, you can buy elegant craft products for low prices such as:
-3D origami products
-Stuffed Animals
-Small Clay Keychain hangers
-Accessories/Misc. like coin purses and scrunchies
-Pillows and pillow cases
-Beautiful mini-gift boxes
And much more! And guess what's even better? Our products are all environmentally friendly. AND, at least 90% of all profits/sales go to charity and sandwiches for the less fortunate individuals of San Francisco.
Interested on ordering? Go to and email us at or just use the "place an order" page on our website! We hand deliver at Hyde Middle School and shipping and handling to custom places will cost an extra dollar.

These are just a few of our amazing products:

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Weekdays- 7:30 am-4:00 pm for delivery at Hyde Middle School. For shipping to a custom place, we will either hand deliver (ends at 9:00 pm) or mail to you, you choose. Shipping and handling to a custom area costs an extra dollar.
Weekends- Closed except for custom shipping and handling (costs an extra dollar)