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Normal West IMC Newsletter, Winter 2015

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  • Library Lunch & Learn - Today!
  • Holiday Wrapped Book Event - Next week!
  • Review for finals using FlipQuiz!
  • What's New in the IMC?
  • Using the IMC Space
  • Textbook Collection Procedures
  • Scholastic Warehouse Sale

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What's New in the IMC?

Review for finals using FlipQuiz!

FlipQuiz makes it easy to create your own game-show style boards. The possibilities are endless for questions, test preparation, quizzes, and much more. Keep students engaged with this game style learning tool. FlipQuiz is so easy to use! Sign up for an account, create new boards on any topic, and then present to your class.

Try the demo to see how it works!

Making use of the IMC space!

First Semester Textbook Return Procedures

*If your class is a year long class, your books do not need to be returned or renewed.

All teachers of semester long classes are asked to follow the procedures listed below.

  • Please start reminding your students that they will need to return their books on the day of the final. Collect textbooks from seniors who are exempt before the day of the final.
  • The day of the final, send students who do not have their books back to their locker to get it before the exam period begins.
  • When you are ready to give your exam, have your students put all textbooks on your empty overhead cart. Please include any textbooks in your room, such as books left on the counter, under desks, stored in cabinets, or from your office. If you no longer have an overhead cart, you can borrow a cart from the IMC or simply stack the books on the floor in the hallway.
  • Place the cart in the hallway outside your classroom. The earlier in the exam period you can do this is very helpful.
  • Inform any student who does not return their textbook at exam time that they are responsible for returning the textbook to the IMC before they leave for winter break.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your help!

Books make great gifts!

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Scholastic Holiday Warehouse Sale

December 8 - December 10
Holiday Inn & Suites - Airport Location
3202 East Empire Street
Bloomington, IL 61704

Tuesday-Thursday, Dec. 8-10: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

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