The Nile River

Largest River in the World (Includes Croks!!!)

The Nile River

The Largest River in the World running 6695 kilometers! Wowzee!

Effects on Attraction

Since its discovery, farmers and merchants have settled along the river bed due to transportation and fertile soil.


Due to its fertile soil and access to Mediterranean, small towns and farming areas grew into large cities.


The Nile runs through major cities such as Cairo, Gondokoro, Khartoum, Aswan, Thebes, Karnak, and Alexandria.

Flow Direction

Unlike most rivers, the Nile flows South to North. (Crok Compass!)

Nile Croks!!!

The Nile even has a crocodile named after it. The Crocodylus niloticus (also named the Nile Crocodile) resides in the Nile.