Courtney Bowker


  • The Costello family lost a Family member
  • more lightning strikes in This town
  • Mike Costello got struck by lightning during football practice and died
  • Erik fisher celebrate Mike's death

Erik and Paul

Paul and Erik are absolutely different but they are brothers!!! For example, all Erik ever thinks is his football dream. Its gotten so serious his dad got greatly is now involved and they moved because his football career!!! Then there is Paul on the other hand. he is the youngest brother and he plays soccer on his new and also very crappy team. He doesn't really have a career yet and he is very nice. Erik has the worst friends and he hangs out with bad people and he follows what they do. So he is a rude person and doesn't care about other people. For example, after Mike Costello's death Erik and his friend went away air his mom couldn't see him and where Paul couldn't see him and they laughed and celebrated Mike Costello's death because now Eric will probably be the best player on the team and he is happy. Paul Andre other hand is devastated. He didn't really know him but she needed that he died because of a lightning strike a mile away from their house is pretty scary and Paul really cares about that, unlike Erik!!!


MOYA issues

This book really relates to the MOYA article because that article is mostly about having trouble with school or friends or trouble with school or having a problem and that really relates to this book because in this book Paul has a lot of trouble with school and his eyesight. His eyesight is pretty bad but in his mind its fine. He also has trouble with friends because people think he's weird with those" bug eye" glasses as they call them because they are huge and the lenses are huge which make his eyes look big. That's how the Moya issues relate to the tangerine book.

Do you want to play soccer?

There are soccer tryouts starting up on October 20th at the location below. you will have to wear the following

  • chin guards
  • socks
  • cleats
  • a dry fit shirt
  • work out shorts

The tryout sheet is on the website below you will have to bring a bag with the following in it

  • a soccer ball
  • the try out form filled out