Let Go For The Best

Jacob Nelson 6-7

Analysis of the Development of Theme.

The setting, characters, plot, and conflict influence the message or theme in the story. The theme: Let go for the best" goes with all of those. In the beginning, Freak says he is getting a bionic body. Throughout book he tries to keep it a secret. Towards the end Freak goes in and max realizes the truth. In chapter 14 page 88 Freak says "A minor incident, easily corrected by bionic intervention." Then on page 137 Max says"What about the secret operation, the one where you'll get a robot body."It slowly builds out until Freak goes to the hospital.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with it because not everything last forever. At one point you have to let go. It is easier to let go. The reason why is because you will learn to forget and to get over it. Even now with today's technology Nothing last forever.The author developed the theme great when Killer Kane broke out. Because Max, Grim, and Gram knew it would only be a matter of time. Then when Freak passes Max has to get over it. In my life I have to just make the best of things.


Max thought all his life he had been called stupid, dumb, and slow. It didn't help that his body seemed to growing faster than his mind. It didn't help that people were afraid of him. So Max learned how to be alone. At least until freak came along. Freak is small but really smart. Together they are unstoppable.Together they are freak the mighty. Max finds his life gets changed when Freak moves in. He gets kidnapped by his father and then finds out about Freak.Freak gets sick and Max has a tough time but he just is lucky he had a friend like Freak.

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