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SEO (SEO, search engine optimization) - comprehensive improvement of site positions in search results for queries. From that, how high is the online resource in the search results depends on how many people will visit it.

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After all, not all go to the second page of search results, and even more so on. Search engines are the results as a list of websites, which are arranged in order based on their relevance (ie, matching request) and popularity (attendance and the number of references to this resource).

SEO site optimization allows you to move it to the first search results by improving the internal contents of the Internet resource. To do this, choose the most frequent requests of users on the basis of which will be sent to his promotion. When you select a query is important to understand what should want the users you are trying to drive. That is, the promotion of automotive web design on request "buy a car" will attract users who want to just buy a car rather than repair or learn something new.

The next step after selecting the relevant requests - including them in a web page text. It is important to remember that already visited the site the user must stay on it and take advantage of the services offered.

Therefore, this online project must contain the necessary information to the user, must be conveniently built and attract like a magnet . Of course, on the web-resource positions influenced by external factors, the main of which is the citation of the site. The more significant resource that refers to your site, the more important the weight of the backlink.

SEO promotion - set your effort to your site in a search engine and saw, respectively, visited the maximum number of people, visitors and potential customers.