About me project!

By Scott gajus, 8/27 period 3

Favorite school memory

Me and my friends were sitting at lunch (middle school) and we were just all sitting there talking and one of my friends went to drink a milk and it exploded all over him somehow and it was the funniest thing ever but he was pretty mad that happen!

My top 5 fav songs

1. I'm shady-eminem

2. Lose yourself-eminem


4.marshall matters-eminem

5.stronger than I was-eminem

My fav inspirational quote

"You've got enemies? Good that means you actually stood up for something"-eminem this is my fav quote because it's saying if you have bullies picking on you and people who don't like you that and you stand up to them you stood up for yourself!

3 words that describe me

Caring,helpful,and nice. I pick these words because I am very helpful, when people have personal problems going on in there life I help them and try to calm them down or whatever helps its one of my fav things to do!

My food menu




Snack-granola bar or any type of bar

Dessert-caramel ice cream