Home of the first Olympics

The Basics

Greece is located just south of Macedonia and West of the Aegean Sea. During the low season (October-March) temperatures drop and snow is present. During shoulder (April and September) the temperatures are mild and during high season, temperatures just soar high.

How to fit in!

To get in good you need to at least speak Greek. Some folkways including being late for dinner party's, getting to know before conducting business, dressing up isn't as formal, and that one is expected to shake everyone's hand upon meeting them. On the other hand, taboos include marrying someone who is not Greek or doing the west style sing that means "ok" because I'm Greece it is referred to as "asshole."

Digging deeper into culture

Greece has has some subcultures. One of them is people ages 30 and younger who keep traditions and practices the same but want to experience them more individually and in their own way. There is no specific name for this group but they are present in the country. Also the other is people 50 or younger, and they have a high level of political interest in which they don't try to experience it their own way. These are just a few big ones but there are many more. Also Greece has shown evident changes through the years. The main you should know are that they brought in a lot of west an east culture especially in music. Lastly, a few new languages have been added and the dressing has become less formal due to time and influence of external countries.
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