The 1887 Times

The phonograph By Cecilia Lloyd

Who invented the Phonograph?

The phonograph was invented by Thomas (Alva) Edison, an American Inventor. He didn't invent the Phonograph only, but many other things.
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What did Thomas Edison invent?

Other than the Phonograph, Thomas Edison invented the Telegrafo quadruplex, the Incandescent light bulb, the Phonograph cylinder, the Carbon microphone, the Movie camera, the Electric Power Distribution and the Mimeograph.

Where was the Phonograph invented?

The phonograph was invented in the New Jersey laboratory by Thomas Edison.

When was the Phonograph invented?

The Phonograph was invented in 1887.

The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound

Sound travels by air waves. For instance: If you knock, you hear a sound because when you knock it makes the air molecules vibrate. When they vibrate, they spread away from the noise. The air molecules' vibration gives it to another air molecule etc. Eventually, the air molecules go inside your ear and begin to shake. Your nerves tell your brain that they heard a sound.

- Found information from the presentation: Sound