6th Grade Things To Know

By: Mia Carlson


Every week we are assigned Quizlet. It is to help us study our words. Each week we have to do, Learn, Speller, Scatter, and Test. They are all do by the Friday of that week. All of these words coordinate with our Wordly Wise Packet. They are all helping us with out words for the test on Friday. You have to copy and paste a link too, for Quizlet. Sometimes the words might be easy, sometimes they are hard.


Every Wednesday we are assigned a AOW. Otherwise, known as Article of the Week. You have a passage, you need to stop and jot, for every paragraph in the article. You also need to mark the text. +, means agree. -, means disagree. ?, means question. !, Means surprising. *, means important. Every time we have four sections of questions. Section one, has about 5 questions. Section 2, has about 3 question. Section 3 has one big question. Section 4 has making a poster, or one other big question.

Wordly Wise

Every Monday, there is a packet due, and we are assigned a new packet, with new words. That packet is called, Wordly Wise. It contains things that help you with your words. It has 4 or 5 parts to it, with a reading comprehension. You have exactly a week to do this packet, you have to dropbox it. The dropbox would be in angel, in the folder for the week you are on.

Reading Logs

When you get a reading log, you have five parts you need to answer. You must have 6-8 sentences. As you get into the year, you might even write 11 or more. Mrs. Izzo likes us to write 8 as a minimum. She would love it if you wrote 11 though. For the Reading Log, you need to read at least 20min. You have questions on the Reading Log though. To answer and tell about.


You will be reading all different types of novels this year. Every time you read a little bit of the book. You need to answer comprehension questions. For one of the books I did this year we had about five or six questions. For another book, we had how many we could answer, based off of what we read.



For math, we don't get a lot of homework. We only ned to do about 32-34 problems of homework. All of the pages are due by the Friday. You get them the last Friday, but you can start on Monday if you want. Unless you won't to do math over the weekend. That is all of the homework you will have to do for math homework the whole year.


In centers, for math you usually have Buzzmath, IXL, Task Cards, a Group Activity, and Versa Tiles. You rotate everyday, to get two centers in everyday. So by that Friday you have all 6 centers done. Most of the work is on your own, but for the Group Activity, you have to work with you table group. On a large whiteboard, or on paper. You need to collaborate and work together.


Tenmarks you have assignments and you have to show work on paper. You need to get a 70 or above. Otherwise you have to do an amplifier, and do the Do Over. For buzzmath, there is no required work, but you can work on whiteboard. There is no need to do it on paper. For IXL, you need to show our work on paper You do 15 or 20 problems and then go on the something else. So show our work on paper, for all of these, except for buzzmath.


For the Gateway, you choose and Ancient Civilization. Then you write a Paper, and a Digital Project, a Non-Digital Project, Notes, and put them all on a Website. Then you will need to present them in front of people. DOn't worry, you won't be just standing in front of a silent, filled room of people. You will be in a gym and it will be loud. People will be walking around, like in the wax museum.


You will not need to get your behavior cards signed. You only have 5 marks before you are walking recess. 5 more marks until you have silent lunch AND walking recess. Then 5 more until you get a write up to the office. Then you call home. You always have to be on your best behavior.


Some responsibilities for 6th grade is that you need to make sure you have all of your work, done and drop boxed. All of the teachers have to put the grades in the grade book, and put them in angel, then move them over into academic. For maybe, 60 students. With all of our assignments, which is about maybe 3600. Especially at the end of the year. They have to hurry, and put everything in. You need to make sure things are in there, because they can't keep updating everything in Angel. It takes to much time.