Athenaeum Columns

December 2015

Google Quick Tips

Which option do I choose for assigning a Google Doc in Google Classroom?

  • Students can view file (student can only SEE file)
  • Students can edit file (all students work on one file at the same time)
  • Make a copy for each student (all students are automatically assigned their own file to complete and Turn In. Classroom automatically names their file)
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Tired of those long website addresses? You need!

  • Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store (color waffle). It will appear in your bookmarks (the link is also included above for easy access).
  • Highlight your website, click the logo next to the website address and choose from: shortened link, copy link, or QR code.

iPad & Web 2.0 Tools

Create a presentation that can be easily projected, shared, or posted!

Haiku Deck is a free website & app

  • Give your students a unique way to present in your classroom
  • Get away from those same boring presentations!
  • Engaging
  • Students turn in from Haiku Deck to Google Classroom

See an actual presentation from a student in Mrs. Schleusner's class below:

Athenaeum Resources

Did you know JPII has free access to a digital version of Dallas Morning News?

  • Athenaeum website
  • Student resources
  • Online resources
  • User Name: John Paul II, Password: 75075

FA Web Smart Emails

Would you like your students & parents to receive an email when their grade drops under a 70? Watch this example:
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Cardinal Techie at Work!

Mrs. Walls may have been teaching for some time, but it's easy to see that she still engages her students with technology in every class.

In fact, Junior Kate Walsh says: "We often record audio and video segments through our online textbook activities to practice fluency and communicate with other students." (Pictured at right is Victor Sandoval).

The Ed.Tech Team asked Mrs. Walls a few questions. Let's learn a little bit more about this techie Cardinal!

Favorite technology you use (personal or business):

Personally, my favorite technology is my cell, as it is an instant connection to anyone at a moment's notice. In the classroom I enjoy the Mac now, although it took me a while to become accustomed to the touchpad. Its instantaneous access to a myriad of apps and websites really aids me in the delivery of classroom curriculum. In particular, I like Videochat and Voiceboards as well as the Supersite that corresponds to our texts (as they allow instant practices as well as feedback for students when skills are introduced).

What do you find most useful when integrating technology in the classroom?

I find it useful that technology offers me a variety of contexts in which to deliver the content for the acquisition of a foreign language. Repetition and overuse of the same vocabulary and structures are what make students fluent. As a result, rote delivery is ineffective for short term memory after the first attempt to practice a second language. With the advent of new applications, web sites, and apps, students with sound curriculum can practice language anywhere and any time. Often it is more entertaining.

What piece of advice would you give those trying to integrate technology in the classroom?

The advice I would give to anyone is to keep learning and integrating technology in your classroom. Do not give up! Introduce yourself to a new skill each year. As much as I love to turn the pages of a book and not rely upon electricity to maintain what I read, I realize that books will be like an extinct species soon, especially in the formal education of our students in the future, so we must find good resources online to align our curriculum with how the students will best learn.

Staff Book Club

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 4-6pm

900 Coit Rd

Plano, TX

We are reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. We are going off campus after finals and location is TBD.