Tech Tools and Tips

February 2014

Record Voice on a Computer

Here is a free and easy website to use to record audio. Vocaroo lets a person record audio at any computer (desktop computer, laptop, netbook or Chromebook) that has a build in microphone or a microphone plugged into the computer. Currently this tool does not work on tablets.

After audio is recorded, it can be shared with a link through email, embeded on a website or blog, shared through a variety of tools or downloaded as a MP3 or WAV file. You can also listen to the audio immediately.

This is a great tool for students to record narratives for other multimedia projects or to practice their reading fluency.

TodaysMeet - Back Channel Conversations with Students

Want to check your students understanding of a topic while they are watching a video clip? Want to check with students to see if they are understanding a lesson outside of class? Want another way to be available to students outside of the school day?

A great tool you can use for this is TodaysMeet. This is a great tool where you can create a 'room' online where students can go and post questions to you. Everyone can share ideas, questions, answers. Great for introverts and those students who are unwilling to raise their hand in the classroom.

How to use:

1. Name your room. Needs to be a unique name. Name is added to the end of the todaysmeet URL (example:

2. Choose the length of time the room will be active.

3. Press Create Room button

4. Type your name in and then press the Join button.

5. Type a message to start communicating. You can only have 140 characters per message.

Here is an article about 20 Useful Ways to Use TodaysMeet in Schools.


Here is a rubric created by E-learning Skills. It evaluates apps by 10 different criteria:

  • Common Core Standards alignment
  • Presentation of content in the app
  • Levels of engagement
  • Levels of difficulty
  • Does it meet students' needs?
  • Platform matches school equipment
  • Research based
  • Scholastic presentation
  • Self-correcting
  • Various modes of play

PebbleGo - Great Elementary Research Database

The MJSD Library program purchases a subscription to PebbleGo which holds 4 great databases for students to use. Students can learn about Animals, Earth and Space, Biographies and Social Studies.

To access this database. go the the MJSD homepage and click on Parent/Student Links. Scroll down and click on the graphic of the Library. On the page that opens you will find many great resources our district library provides us with. Click on PebbleGo to select which database to enter.

You can search through PebbleGo by using the Visual Search of clicking on the images of the different categories or you can type your search in the search box in the top right corner of the page. In the articles you can have the words read to you, you can look up definitions of unknown words, hear sounds/audio and watch videos.