Week of March 17, 2014


Election Results - 44 homeowners out of 200 eligible homes voted for three new Directors. The three new directors are: Mr. Lynn Atkinson, Claudia Callaway and Keith Campbell. They will begin serving a two year term immediately joining Shelley Wisner, Susie Keck, Grant Posey and Ed Winnicki on the Board.


The first BoD Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Poolside Clubhouse.


Please welcome your newest Board Members! We also invite you to join them by volunteering for a committee or attending a monthly HOA meeting to get involved in OUR neighborhood!


We had a great 2013 here in Covington Place. We completed our first year under the management of a self-elected Board of Directors. Last Tuesday, we continued that process with the election of three new board members, none of who have ever served on the Board or its predecessor the Advisory Committee. These new voices will energize the HOA with fresh insight.


In 2013 the Board of Directors established an Architectural Review Committee to administer the day-to-day changes made to existing homes. The new ARB published simplified architectural guidelines for our members to use when making changes to their property.


We had another successful year financially. We fully funded our obligations from HOA dues, and because we deferred a large capital improvement project, the upgrading of our entrances, we added over $28,000 to our retained earnings. As of December 31, 2013 the HOA had over $96,000 in a reserve fund.


In 2013 we established and funded a permanent Social Committee chaired by Board Director, Suzie Keck. The Social Committee has planned an ambitious social calendar for us in 2014. We will publish dates and times in this newsletter as they come available.


In 2013 four new houses were built on Plantation Circle, two of which were pre-sales. In 2014 Crown Development Company announced the acquisition of twenty-two lots for development in Laurel Lakes. We are beginning to see activity from Baxter International who expects to have nearly 300 employees dedicated to the Covington Project. Local film company, Triple Horse, will build five new sound stages, the first part of a $100 million expansion, making it one of the top film production sites in Georgia. When you consider all this activity, along with the notoriety of the Vampire Diaries and the opening of the Mystic Grill on the square, you would have to agree, this is an exciting time to live in Covington and to reside in the premier sub-division in the county.


We are a self-governing community with over 200 occupied homes, soon to be closer to 300. We have a wonderful quality of life. We have revenues and a budget that exceeds $100,000.00 that must be administered. We have $96,000 in reserves that must be managed. We have amenities and common areas that must be maintained. We have undeveloped lots that must be integrated into our community and new families to welcome.


How do we accomplish all this? It starts with each of us being just a little bit more involved in community life. Come to a HOA meeting, post your opinion or ideas on Facebook, volunteer for a committee, help with a work project, and support our wonderful golf course and restaurant. Make something happen.


Your HOA Board of Directors

Farewell & Thank You to our Out-Going HOA Directors - Kendra Losch, Shawn McGovern, & Ralph Ingerson

In 2006 the sub-division had grown from less than 30 homes to close to 200 homes. There was no real Homeowners Association in place. The amenities and services that were promised didn’t exist or were poorly delivered. Our developer reached out to a small group of homeowners who quietly went to work creating the organization we enjoy today. Three of our retiring Board Directors, Kendra Losch, Shawn McGovern, and Ralph Ingerson, were part of that group. Each of them deserves special recognition for their unique contributions.


In 2009, our HOA collected over $43,000.00 of bad debt owed to us from banks and investors. Ralph Ingerson collected the majority of this money by personally going to the banks and places of business obtaining promises to pay. Ralph’s efforts put our financials in the black for the very first time.


That same year, Shawn McGovern, led a committee that resurfaced the pool, replaced the pumps and upgraded the filters. Using his business and family contacts he was able to accomplish this project at a fraction of the cost of other competitive bids. Shawn’s work put our most valued amenity on a firm footing for years to come.


Kendra Losch is the glue that has held the Homeowners Association together since 2006. She watched our books with her accountant’s eye, worked with our vendors keeping them on task, and built lasting relationships with our developer and our management companies. She is primarily responsible for creating the network of goods and services we use today to run our association.


Look around our community and think about all the things that are working well or are just not a problem. The well kept landscape, the clean water in the pool, the refurbished clubhouse and tennis courts, the social functions. The list is long. Then remember, Kendra, Shawn and Ralph helped do that. They saw a problem, came to help and went to work.


The following is the process for submitting for approval of the following types of improvements to your property:

- Fence (MUST include: materials, color, height, dimensions, drawing of Lot showing property line, existing house, and intended fence line, and photos/drawings of selected design)

- Addition to your house

- Play equipment (swing sets, trampolines, basketball goals, etc.)

- Landscaping

- Exterior paint/stain color change (MUST include actual color chips; see below for additional requirements)


Here is the process for submitting requests:

1 - Log on to HOA Butler (every homeowner should have an account) and click on “ACC Requests” on the left side and fill out all information and submit the request.

2 – Go to “Documents and Reports” in the left column. Under “Select a category” select “Community Documents.” Download the Architecture Review Application (ARA) (note – it is called Arc Form on this screen) and completely fill it out including as much detail as possible

3 - Fax, email, or mail the ARA as indicated at the top of the form at least 30 days prior to beginning your project

4 - If the ARA is for painting the exterior of your home and you are keeping the original color, you must include 2 full sets of paint chips and mail them in

5 - If the ARA is for changing the color of the exterior of your home, you must include 2 full sets of paint chips and paint a 3' by 3' area of the requested color on the side of your home for review by the Architecture Review Committee

6 - Do not schedule workers or begin your project until you have obtained approval notice

7 - If you have any questions during the process, call 678-284-0244 ext 421


Parents, please make sure you do not allow your children to use the Tennis Courts as a playground. Recently, many children have been riding their bikes all over the courts and this is not allowed. The HOA spent your funds to upgrade the courts 2 years ago and we need to keep them in tip-top shape for our neighborhood tennis players. Please, no bikes or toys or shoes with marking soles on the courts at any time. We appreciate your assistance with this matter.



Subdivision Services - 678-284-0244

Grace Management - 770-389-6528

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, 404-606-8062,

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles

Social Committee - Susie Keck,, 404-702-5032