Ahhhh...August is Here!!

Wait!! That means school is starting.

Summer is winding down!

As summer is winding down for so many of us and it is time to start thinking about Fall, school starting, and cold/flu season. I know, I know, I sound like Debbie Downer. The reality of the situation is that none of us want to be caught off guard, so make sure you are prepared for whatever may come your way. Keep reading for great open classes on Back to School, Detox, and Essential Oils 101.

New to essential oils and not sure where to start?

If you are new to doTERRA and you are not sure where to start in regards to oils usage, your membership, education, etc, then please use this link to access my welcome letter that can help answer a lot of these questions and help you get started on the road to optimal health. It is full of helpful info on my favorite websites, webinars, places to learn about the products, and utilizing your own website to reorder.

Neal and Erin Anderson

Neal and I have been using doTERRA essential oils for 5 years with our family of 3 boys - Caleb 9, Spencer 6 1/2, and Thomas 4. DoTERRA has been such an amazing blessing for our family and we love to bless others with that same education. Please let us know how we can best help and support you.


Join us at any, or ALL, of these open classes throughout the Triangle area. We would love to have you join us. Please RSVP to the host/teacher if you, or any guests, will be joining.

Aug. 14th Thursday 7-9PM

Detox with doTERRA taught by Deb Orol, doTERRA Silver and Holistic Health Coach

Orange Leaf Yogurt

4305 Lake Boone Trail

Raleigh, NC

RSVP 919.673.0844

Aug. 19th Tuesday 9:30-11AM

Essential Oils 101 taught by Deb Orol, doTERRA Silver and Holistic Health Coach


3800 Lake Boone Trail

Raleigh, NC

RSVP 919.673.0844

Aug 25th Monday 9:30-11:30

Back to School taught by Deb Orol, doTERRA Silver and Holistic Health Coach


3800 Lake Boone Trail

Raleigh, NC

RSVP 919.673.0844

Aug. 28th Thursday 6:30-8PM

Back to School Taught by Erin Anderson, doTERRA Diamond

614 Dental Spa/Dr. Valerie Preston (beside Piper's Tavern)

8320 Falls of Neuse Rd

Raleigh, NC

RSVP to Erin Anderson 919.270.6469


Are you a teacher? Have school age kids? Learn how to prepare yourself and the students in your life for a great year with lots of focus, a great immune system, and all the energy needed to make it through the busy schedule. Cannot make it to the LIVE class? Grab a notebook and a pen and join us on this informative webinar. Use the link below to register.

Live. Share. Lead

Join us for one of these open trainings for anyone who is interested in learning more about getting their oils paid for or supplementing their income. We will cover how to maximize your time and share effectively. Come get your questions answered and learn more about how to bless others with doTERRA Lifestyle. A gift isn't a gift until you give it away. Give your knowledge so others can be blessed.

Wed. Aug. 6th Cary 7-9
916 Queensferry Rd, Cary
RSVP to Beth Whitley 919-616-1439

Mon. Aug. 11th 7-9
2133 Hamrick Dr.
RSVP to Erin Brooks Anderson 919-270-6469

Tues. Aug 12 Chapel Hill/Durham 9:30-11:30
Location Weaver Street Market, Carrboro
RSVP Debbie Sharbanee Orol 919-673-0844

Wed. Aug 13 Wake Forest 7-9
Location 2309 Avinshire Place Wake Forest
RSVP Shannon Brooks Carroll 919-210-0956

Don't live local, but would love be a part of one, or have one for your team? Contact me and we can talk about setting up a Google Hangout and do a virtual training for you!!


Many thanks to everyone who shared doTERRA last month. We are currently at 1997 members in our group, and had 172 new enrollments last month! Who will enroll the 2000th? It is so exciting to see all of you grow and share the love for these oils and this lifestyle that helps so many. Mallory Pezzoli, of Wilmington, NC, was our top enrolled with 11 new enrollments. Great Job!! Keep an eye out for a little treat in the mail from us. Trisha Jackson, is from Ohio, and had 8 enrollments. She also advanced to Eite!! Great job to you and your team. Diane Bauer rounded out the top three with 7 enrollments. Diane is in Fort Myers, FL and is part of Courtney Livermon's amazing organization in FL. Way to go everyone!!

We had 20 new rank advancements just in our group!!! Kaki McKinney, Trisha Jackson, and Stephanie Ferguson all advanced to the rank of Elite. I am so proud of all of you and you are well on your way to changing the lives of so many. Amber Jones advanced to Executive. We also had 6 NEW directors - Patti Margaron, Allison Dahle, Anne Dahle, Aimee Mann, Mallory Pezzoli, and Kathryn Morse. You guys are AMAZING!!!

Also BIG Congrats to Aimee Mann for winning a Family Physician Kit from Betsy Holmes, our Presidential Diamond Leader. If you aren't on her Facebook page, then I highly encourage you to get on it - doTERRA Societas.

Have a great rest of your month!!

As you prepare for school to get started back up some things you can do to help with the transition are diffuse different oils during the day. Lavender or Serenity are great to help bedtime go a bit smoother as you are getting your family back in a routine. Also, consider diffusing Citrus Oils in the morning to help wake people up and get them out the door with a great attitude.