Wallace Weekly

January 18th - January 22nd

Weekly Recap

Here WE grow again! The January Monday Board of Trustees meetings have been super informative and eye-opening. If you get a chance to go onto the home page of the RISD website and click on the Board tab, I think you would be interested in the many details that have to be considered in each and every proposal. Of course, we all have our opinions of what we think would be easy fixes. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems as there are countless things to consider. It’s impossible to please everyone, but I have faith they will make the best decision for the most people. Of course, I will keep you informed as I receive updates.

The campus has grown substantially since I started as principal 8 years ago---from 446 students to 857 students. However, one thing has remained the same--- the staff’s care and concern for each and every child---no matter what the gender, race, ethnicity, or academic level. Yes, our job is hard at such a large, diverse campus. However, it is so rewarding (and it is never boring!!). I know however WE grow, you will handle it with professionalism and grace, welcoming the students and their parents to our Wallace family. The community you have helped create is what makes Wallace such a special place.

Thank you for all you do for our school and students!

XO, Debbie

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Spotlight On...

  • Ms. Solomon’s was providing awesome instruction during her math lesson on classifying triangles by angles and sides. She consistently asked guiding questions, letting students arrive at the conclusion independently by using the anchor charts as a reference. By using the Nearpod app, she was able to check for understanding for each student. Students were engaged the entire class period, from singing the rap “Lines & Angles” to using the draw feature on Nearpod to show their proof on classifying triangles.
  • Mrs. Gonzalez and her students are pumped about becoming “Phonics Superstars” and working their way through MAZE passages. Way to go on implementing I-station interventions! Thanks Mrs. Sanders for supporting her class!
  • Watch out everyone before entering Lamberth’s room! You better know your HFW’s or you just might get “The Boot!” Students in Mrs. Lamberth’s class were so excited to practice their HFW’s in their literacy stations! Students had to lay out all the HFW’s word cards, pick them up, and recite them. Within in those cards were a few cards with an image of a “Boot.” If students pulled this card they had to place all their HFW cards in the cute mug shaped like a boot. See below.
Christina Carranza color coded her math problems to help students classify the information in more challenging word problems.
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Red Folder Tip

As our red folders for PBMAS students continue to become filled with iStation data, writing samples, lists of interventions, etc., the papers become unruly. Charlotte had a clever solution. She added brass brads along the inside of the folder, whole punched her papers, and now they are secured neatly inside the folder.

SCRATCH MIT After-school Coding Club

The after-school coding club starts on Monday, January 25th, and will continue for 10 weeks.

Duty Reminders

Week of January 18th - January 22nd

Cafeteria- Lewis, Johnson, Trostel

Gym- Brezel, Hermosillo

AM Circle Drive- Balmer

5th & 6th Grade Hall- Rivero, Pittman

Safety Patrol Morning Duty-Mr. U

On the Horizon

Monday, January 18th

  • No School!

Tuesday, January 19th

  • 1st grade G/T screening

Wednesday, January 20th

  • After School Tutoring
  • Campus Science Fair

Thursday, January 21st

  • Faculty Meeting
  • Chili Cookoff

Friday, January 22nd

  • Pay Day

Monday is Pay Day Treats!!

Happy Birthday to...

January Birthdays

  • Sarah Knox 1/7
  • Frank Gomez 1/8
  • Juna Saw & Ms. Annie 1/16
  • Lauren Bolack 1/21
  • Melissa Lewis 1/22
  • Claire Davis 1/28
  • Mary Adamson 1/29