What is a successful Fan Page?

By Alyx DeLong

First off: Posting

With a Facebook fan page, you'll have to post and update it regularly to satisfy your ever-interested audience. You need to post things relevant to your page; for example, if you have a page about a TV series then you should post regularly when a new episode is coming out or small hints to the show's story line.

Second: Interation

Facebook fan pages have a large audience and more often than not people like to have the ability to have their opinions heard or voiced. It's going to be in your own along with your audience's satisfaction that you allow appropriate material not only from yourself but from your audience such as page posts or post comments.
Big image
Notice how this page allows its fan base to comment on its own posts? This is what makes a page interactive and involved with its fans.

Third: Attention

You'll want to grab your future audience's attention with distracting and informative links or pop-ups. This is very important if you are a newer page or if your starting fan base is small but you get a lot of traffic to your page. It'll make the "Like" button more obvious to the visitors so they are more likely to click it.

Finally: Order

You will need to make sure your page is updated regularly and everything is working as it should so that visitors and fans don't get the wrong impression from your page. Keeping everything in order and categorized is highly beneficial to having others take you and your page seriously.