Warm & Cool

A Step Into Color Theory



  • Learn about warm and cool color families
  • Apply my knowledge of warm and cool colors to my artwork

Most of us are familiar with the color wheel. If you draw a line through the middle of the color wheel, much like the one below, you can see warm versus cool colors.

  • Why do you think they have been labeled this way?
  • Name some examples of things that fall into warm and cool color families.

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Colors Have A Temperature

Watch this silly video to help understand a little more:
Comparing Warm and Cool Colors | ArtQuest | NPT


We will choice either warm or color colors for our cat and use the other color family in the background using watercolors. Some of you will finish this today and some of you will need a little more time to complete your painting. Either way, take your time and pay attention to color placement.

If you finish early you can work on your sketchbook assignment.

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