Act Of The Union

Canada's Most Significant Event

Act Of Union Brief History

Act of Union was to merge Upper Canada and lower Canada But the british only expected half of Durhams report, stating that they have to be the owners of merged Upper Canada and Lower Canada. This included the writing and publishing or Durhams report.

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Deeper Information Of the Act of Union

The Had An assembly to decide of this huge event, so 480,000 chosen people came. So when the British wanted control of the merged Canada the French disagreed. The British government planned to assimilate the French Canadians, so they would not take over the government. Then the act of union banned the French language. Then establishing and responsible government and adding finical issues in upper Canada.Upper Canada, with its British and Protestant majority, was growing more rapidly than Lower Canada, with the French Canadian and Catholic. majority. It was hoped that by merging the two colonies. Lord Durham also wanted to have democracy , and was the creator of The Act Of Union. Thomas Jefferson also agreed on having democracy but had other men with power that agreed and disagreed. After the merge they named it "Province of Canada", Now in the late 1850s lots of immigrant from Britain go to Canada.

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British Vs French

Why is this historically significant for me ?

I think it is the most important because of the significance of joining the too countries and the language for the today Canada.

For the importance of creating one country would benefit both countries, but the british assimilate the french banning the french language and leaving the French to only speak english.

Baldwin, Douglas. Rebellion and Union in the Canadas. Calgary: Weig, 2003. Print.

Canada !

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