Ms. Torres & Ms. Hurd's Newsletter

For the week of 9/8

The Teachers are going to Jail!!

RPE teachers will be participating in "Jail Bail" Friday at the Fall Fest to help raise money. Teachers will be jailed, and their bail set. The only way they can get out of jail is if they are able to raise their bail money. Unfortunately, I will be in Bastrop Friday night, but Ms. Hurd will probably need to be bailed out. Please don't let her languish in that cell. All bail money used to spring her goes back to RPE and the PTA.

Lost Items

Please help us get lost items back to your child by including their first and last name on their items (think lunch box, jacket, backpack, etc.). Thanks in advance!!


In an effort to improve our campus tardy rates, RPE has set a campus-wide goal to decrease tardies. Students who are not in their classroom when the 7:45 bell rings will be counted tardy. Please help us reach this goal by ensuring your child is on time to school each day. Thanks!!

Grandparents Day

Grandparents, please come join your grandchild for lunch on either September 11th or September 14th, whichever date is more convenient for you! Lunches will be as listed on the LISD lunch menu. 4th grade lunch time is 12:10.

Math Homework

Students came home with math homework today. If you would like your kid to attempt the PACE homework, the page that differs from 4th grade homework is attached below. We will also be setting fact fluency goals this week. If your child desires to practice mixed facts, I've included a practice sheet.

Our Learning Targets...

Reading - I can use a story map to sequence and summarize plot events.

Writing - I can write sentences with a complete subject and complete predicate with correct capitalization and correct punctuation. I can recognize verbs and nouns in sentences I write. I can write a personal narrative.

Social Studies - I can compare the regions of Texas with different regions.

Math – I can use models of multiplication and division to solve problems. I can identify factor pairs of a number and then use this information to classify a number as prime or composite.

Science - I can find investigate electrical energy..

Important Dates

9/11 Granparents' Lunch @ 12:10

9/11 Fall Fest 5:30 - 7:30

9/14 Granparents' Lunch @ 12:10

9/16 Early Release - dismissal at 12:00

9/18 Dining with Dads @ 12:10

Every Kid in a Park

The National Park Foundation, an extension of the National Park Service, is sponsoring a year-long initiative to help get 4th graders and their families into our National Parks, Lands and Waters. At the link below is information for 4th grade teachers and parents to get the pass that allows the student and family FREE access to National Parks, Lands and Waters. A great opportunity for students and families to get out and experience our nation’s history and natural areas for an entire year!

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