John F. Kennedy

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The Election of 1960

The Election

Election: Ran Democratic

Election of 1960

Ran against:

Richard Nixon

Electoral College:

Kennedy: 303

Richard Nixon: 219

Popular Vote:

Kennedy: 34,220,984

Nixon: 34,108,157

States Carried:

Kennedy: 23

Nixon: 26

Issues Debated:

First Televised Debate

New Frontier

Foreign Policy

Many felt that due to the use of television and the collection of Kennedy he was able to beat Nixon. Radio viewers tended to support Nixon.

Nixon Kennedy Debates- first ever televised debates in American political history.

The Cold War.

The Cold War.

Bay Of Pigs Invasion- April 17-19, 1961- Kennedy attempted to send in military paratroopers to assist the militia in overthrowing Fidel Castro- this fails and the CIA failed to put Fidel Castro out of power and create a democracy in Cuba.

Cuban Missile Crisis- Soviets had missiles placed in Cuba. These were aimed at the U.S.A.

Space Race- The Race with the soviets to show superiority of technology was shown through the race to the stars.

Building of the Berlin Wall- The split of a pro-democracy western Berlin and a pro-communist eastern Berlin.

Kennedy on Civil Rights.

Kennedy on Civil Rights.

  • Martin Luther King was good friends with John F. Kennedy.
  • Attempted to desegregate Universities to allow further cooperation between the races.
  • Campaigned to Black Voters.
  • Sent troops to suppress KKK riots and other uprisings that were caused by racial tensions.
  • Executive order 10925- Government contractors could act solely upon the race of an employee.

The Assassination of Kennedy

November 22, 1963.

Lee Harvey Oswald attempts to kill president John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas while the president was showing himself off for the upcoming vote. Oswald was a suspected communist and was killed before facing trial for his actions. The death of Kennedy is shrouded and much of it remains a mystery to this day.