Attorney Lawyer

Career Report By. Alycia Covarrubias

Job Description

Attorney lawyers present evidence to the judge, defend their client, and prepare legal briefs. They also analyze possible outcomes of the case. But most importantly they examine legal data to defend client, and develop strategies and arguments in preparation of case.

Education Requirements

To become a lawyer you have to get a four-year undergraduate degree and have three years of law school. Another thing you'll need to do to become a lawyer is pass the bar examination. Some states require passing an ethnics examination.

Personal Skills / Requirements

Some skills an attorney needs is good communication skills, and conversational and articulation abilities. They also need to be able to speak in a authoritative manner with persuasive speech.


The average salary for an attorney in the state of MN is $131,990 dollars per year.

Advantages / Benefits

Lawyers usually have a great work environment, get challenged intellectually, and have many opportunities to help others.


Some disadvantages to being a attorney are you may have to work long hours and pay off student loans because being a attorney requires a lot of education.

Outlook for attorney jobs

The number of jobs for attorneys in 2012 was 759,800. It's expected to go up 10% between 2012 and 2022.


Attorneys start at grade level GS-11 and can get promoted up to GS-15. To reach GS-15 from GS-11 usually takes 3 1/2 years but may take longer depending on your skills.

High School Courses

Some high school courses that will help prepare somebody to become a lawyer are psychology, history, and economics.

Related Careers

Some jobs that are related to an attorney are associate, trial associate, paralegal / legal assistant, and corporate associate.


Yale was ranked the best law school in the Unites States from 2009 to 2013. You could study for three years there to get a Juris Doctor (J.D)