Like That Job!


Benefiting Society

An architect benefits society a lot. Their job is to create blueprints for homes, shops, work places, and schools. Without architects the multiple landmarks will never have been thought of or their mesurements been right. That would be a disaster.

Needed Education

Architects need a minimum education level of a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Preferably a five year degree with emphasis on CADD, technology, construction methods, proffesional practice, math, physical sciences, and liberal arts. Also the people who hire them would rather have someone who is creative, posses excellent spatial skills, the ability to work independintly and in groups, and outstanding communication skills.

Does it Pay Off?

An architect gets payed a pretty satisfying amount. Their annual pay averages for an architect is $73,340. The US mean annual wage is $45,230. Finally, thier annual minimum pay is $15,080. The growth rate for this job is much faster than the average, it is 21% or more. Companies such as Bluegreen Corporation, PBK Architects, ans the URS Corporation.