Second Grade November Newsletter

November 2021


In reading this month, we will continue our "Schools and Communities" module. We are moving on to Unit 3. We will be discussing schools and students all around the world and how they are important to their communities. We will focus on the following standards:

- Compare and contrast important points in a text

- Gather information from a text

- Use information gathered to write an informational paragraph

In Fundations, we are moving to Unit 3. In Unit 3, we will be introducing the following concepts:

- Closed syllable exceptions

- Glued sounds: ild, ind, old, olt, ost

- Trick words: done, goes, pretty

- Sample unit words: wild, find, cold, colt, post

As always, we continue to focus on phonemic awareness through differentiated phonics instruction. Please encourage your second grader to read for 15 minutes for 15 nights this month; as per their November Reading Calendar. It will also be beneficial to help your student practice their Heart Words (sight words).


In math this month, students will continue to estimate and measure in different units with rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes. They will also determine how much longer one object is than another and begin to relate measurement to addition and subtraction.

We will focus on teaching science for all of quarter 2. In November, students will work on the earth science unit. They will learn about maps, natural features, landforms, and changes to the earth's surface.


With cold weather approaching, please send your second grader with the appropriate attire so they can participate in outdoor recess.

Please remember to send your student with a water bottle that can be re-filled throughout the day.

Thanksgiving Break will be November 24th through November 26th. Enjoy!