Jennifer D. Martin

"I build relationships and environments."

Who Is she?

Jennifer was originally born and raised in Georgia, and has been involved in the art business for many years. She has gone from Jew Jersey all the way to Pennsylvania as she creates her pottery, and as quoted by her about her work, she "celebrates tradition while not being inhibited by its vast history."

Where is she?

Currently she is in Pennsylvania, focusing on creating pottery that reflects human nature and how life affects us. Each piece has its own unique qualities, just as each individual person does.

What does she do?

She creates pottery: mainly bowls, plates and cups that are asymmetrical in design but have a soft, flowing appearance to them nonetheless. Her pottery is glazed with basic, fleshy colors like the human body is, as she works to create pieces that:

"Like the rings seen in the cross-section of a tree, these marks provide a history of growth. In a similar manner I use the repetitive lines and patterns in my work to create a vocabulary able to describe gender, a specific situation, a human journey or simply one’s personality make-up."

Her works:

My Opinion

In my opinion, Jennifer is one of the more enjoyable, if simple, art creators i have seen. Each piece has small differing details that i can enjoy pointing out when comparing two of them at the same time, such as the cups she makes. Her work is easy to understand, and easy to appreciate.