Anni Lisette



My name Anni Lisette. I am eleven years old. I am from Haljala in Estonia. I am a schoolgirl! I go do Haljala gymnasium. I study at the 4-th class. I have got dark hair and brown eyes! I am not very slim.


There are 5 of us in our family. I have got two brothers. I have got my mom and my dad too!


My favourite pets are cats and dogs. I have got two cats and one dog. Their names are Tipsi and Kiiksu and my dog name is Poiss. I LOVE MY PETS VERY MUCH!


I have got a lot of friends. My best friends are Ingrette, Hannah, Oliver, Säde-Liis, Jan Mattias, Kadri-Ann and Erika. They are from my class. They are very friendly and funny.


My hobbies are singing, swimming and speaking English! I am good at them because they make me happy!

Favourite singer

My favourite singer is Getter Jaani! I really like her songs!