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Quick wrap-up of Algeria

Algeria is about one and a half times the size of the state Alaska, in the U.S. Its landmass is 919,591 sq. mi. Its capital is Algiers. Its population is thirty one million, seven hundred thousand. The three major languages there are Arabic, French, and Berber. Its major export and import is petroleum and machinery, respectively.

What's happening in Algeria?


A dictatorship is a form a government under control of one, all powerful leader. North Korea and Uzbekistan have this type of government. Algeria, however, does not have a dictatorship.

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Casbahs are an older section of Algerian cities. Many are in the capital city of Algiers, where most of the city is pretty modern. Some people walk down the streets of the casbahs to bargain with merchants in bazaars.

Aswan Dam

One positive of the Aswan Dam are that it gives people more control of the Nile's floodwaters. Another one is that they can store more water for months behind the dams. A negative, however, is that it blocks the flow of silt, which richens the soil. It also prevents less freshwater from reaching the delta.


The Berbers were the first people known to live in Northern Africa. They converted after Arabs brought Islam into the region. Since then, the country of Lybia has been Islamic, and the dominant language has, indeed, been Arabic.

Suez Canal

A fact about the Suez Canal is that it is a human-made waterway. It also separates the Sinai Penninsula from the rest of Egypt. It was built both by Egyptians and Europeans.