Destination Outer Space

By:Stephanie Espinoza

Exploration For Space

Ever dream of going to space well go to NASA and sign up but its not cheap so you should check if you have the money to go to space well what are you waiting for come now!

Food menu in space

In space all they eat in space is healthy food so they can stay fit and don't lose muscle in s[ace so no junk food up there in space or the'll lose so much muscle and be weak they also work out everyday to stay fit so don' eat junk food everyday in space.

health risk

The health risk in space is really dangerous if you don't stay fit in space you might have a chance of losing muscle and become weak so in order for you not to lose muscle you have to work out like almost every day so that why astronauts are so fit.

The Money

The cost to go to space it some where a round 250,000 dollars for each person to go with you its 95,000 for each person but its not really much if your going in a big group to space but you should really save up money to go to space.

Survival for space

For you to survive in space is not that hard for some people.In order for you to survive in space you basically need the same stuff on earth like water,food,spacesuit and mostly air if you loss one of those stuff you might survive but not are long but that will never happen.

How To Stay Healthy

For you to stay health is for you to work out everyday you might think its not important but it actually is if you don't work out you might loss some muscle and become weak when you come back to earth. So in order for you to stay fit you could run on a special treadmill so you can keep you leg muscle working and many other thing in order for you to stay fit.