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Country Facts

Area: 157,417 sq miles

Capital: Asuncion

Terrain: Grassy plains, Wooded Hills, Tropical forests

Climate: Semi- Arid

Population: 6.1 million

Ethnic groups: Mestizo (95%), Indigenous (5%)

Languages: Spanish, Guarani

Major Industries: Sugar, Cement, Textiles, Beverages

Ag: Sugarcane, Cotton, Beef, Pork, Cereals

Country facts/ tour

Paraguay Tourism - PARAGUAY, You have to feel it!
This video shows :

Area, terrain, climate, population, ethnic groups and peoples, and languages.

Tour of Asuncion

A Tourist's Guide to Asuncion, Paraguay
This video shows Asuncion, industries and agriculture in Asuncion

National Anthem

For three centuries a reign oppressed

The unhappy peoples of America,
But one day, their anger aroused, they said:
"An end to this!" and broke the reign.
Our forefathers, fighting magnificently,
Displayed their immortal glory,
And when the august diadem was shattered,
They raised the triumphal cap of liberty.
(repeat previous two lines)
Paraguayans, Republic or death!
It was our strength that gave us our final liberty.
Neither tyrants nor slaves can continue,
Where unity and equality reign,
(repeat previous two lines)
Where unity and equality reign.

Anthem Paraguay

More Country Facts


Major Religion-90% Catholic

Historical Facts- Founded in 1537, The Jeiset Ruins are the biggest attraction

Type of Gov- Democratic Republic

Famous Actor-Kiki Palmer

Famous Singer-Agustin Barrios-Mangore

Famous Athlete-Nerry Kennedy

President-Federico Franko

History of Flag- Red White and Blue in the same format as Frances flag, France freed Paraguay

Paraguay: Fernando Lugo's political history
Video shows President, Religion, Currency, and type of gov.

Ciudad Del Este

Population: 222,274

Meaning: "City of the East"

Founded in 1957

Has a large Asian-born population

Famous for the filming of Miami Vice, And some episodes of NCIS.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is located in the South West corner of Paraguay. It is home to the Roman Catholic Diocese. It is the third most populated city in Paraguay.

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