Yuletide Technology

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Whose been on the nice list this year?

One person pick up the wrapped present in the center of the table. Listen to the story and pass the present when the directional words (right, left or across) are read. The person at the end of the story with the present is rewarded with the gift and automatic placement on the NICE list for this year!

Housekeeping Items!

  • Fixed Asset inventory will begin after we return from the holiday break. Please make sure to bring all your school issued devices to school each day!
  • Internet Safety Courses need to be completed by Friday, January 22. After teaching the courses sign the verification form and return to Mrs. Treadway.
  • Professional Development opportunities through NCEES.

What is new in Discovery Education?

Raise your hand if you only use Discovery Education for videos. Well, today you are going to learn some of the many other ways to use DE for instruction. Go beyond the video!

So what are the iPads for?

Tired of sitting through boring staff development...not this one of course, ;)! Beginning after the break technology credit can be earned at your own pace. Click the link below to learn more...

How Tech Savvy do you want to become?

Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!