Friday Focus for September 19th!

"Where a Great Beginning Lasts a Lifetime"

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Can Technology Takes Us Backwards?

The picture speaks a thousand words!

Can technology and progress take us backwards as an organization or society? We often think of technology as progressive and efficient or even "better". If one really gives this serious thought and study, a conclusion would have to be drawn that it is neither. As a matter of fact, technology can makes things less efficient and more cumbersome. It can add to frustration and challenges and even less productivity. This is especially true during new implementation. I know for a fact many of the tools designed to save us time are taking all of our time (email on cell phone!). So, why do it? We do it because the end result tends to lead us someplace new. Why try new things and experiment with technology or "out of the box" ideas? Because it is always worthy to ask the question and see, is there a better way? And discoveries do lead to results yielding surprises never dreamed about!!

As we move back to our picture and give it a good look, you will quickly see the man behind the wheel in the car, lets just call him Daryl. I wonder why Daryl is sitting in the seat of this car and I wonder what he is thinking? Did he experiment with driving this car for the first time and then wreck horribly? Did he find a good deal and contact his brother to come pick up him with the new prize? Or is Daryl along for the ride simply picked up as a hitchhiker mid stream and journeying along to who knows where! Regardless, I like Daryl!

Now, how about the driver of our carriage. Focused, determined and simply on the move. He is going somewhere and he knows exactly where that is and when he will arrive! Lets call this man Larry. Larry is on the move and a "roll up the sleeves" kind of a guy.

So, where do we fit in? Which character should we be? My thought is we need to be a little of both but never 100% of either. We need to be clear in our vision but yet taking the risk along the way. Our friend in the car (Daryl) has probably had more engaging experiences and maybe even learned more along the way than his lead driver. His learning curve probably resembles a roller coaster at Six Flags. But, our driver (Larry) has probably, and is, probably adding a rung to his ladder of goals each and every day.

Take the risk with clear vision! But most importantly, do take the risk!

Jog A Thon success!


September 23rd, Tuesday-Leadership Meeting

September 23rd, Tuesday-Training (504)

September 25th, Wednesday-2:30-4:00 Flue Vaccines at PVE! yea!

September 29th and 30th, Chad Out, School Safety Training

October 2nd, Thursday-Staff Meeting

October 3rd, Friday-Grand Friends Day

October 6th, Monday-Music Visits

October 7th, Tuesday-Elementary Principals Meeting,9:30

October 8th, Wednesday-PTO Meeting

October 11th, Saturday-Dads and Donuts

October 13th, STEM Meeting at Eagle (all morning)

October 13th-Opening of Book Fair

October 16th, Great American Shakeout (Earthquake Drill)

October 17th, Fall Parties

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