Brain Jack

Brain Jack the movie

Sam Wilson is just your average teenager, but

he's different from others because of his ability with computers.

He can access nearly anything , recently he pulled off one of the

biggest hacks the world has seen with side affects. Sam hacked

into the Telecomerica and got him and his friend a new computer and

neuro-headsets , but in the process of all that caused the majority

of the United States of America to loose power for a few days. If you

ask Sam none of that was meant to happen. After that Sam was

ready for the next challenge Net h@ack, which he almost succeeds

until the Cyber Defence Division of Homeland security knock on his door

and told Sam he was destined to be prisoner for the rest of his life, which

Sam wasn't going for that so he escaped but got picked right back up and

was given a lifetime opportunity. Brain jack is a fast moving action thriller

that keep you on your feet of what's going to happen next. I advice you

to go watch it. It has action, technology, and parts that will have you asking



By one of our Neuro-headsets it can be integrated to your upcoming

videogame, better manage stress, and many other qualities.

Its really lfe changing!

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Advice Colomnist

Dear Advice Columnist,

I Sam Wilson hacked into the telecomerica system,

well I wasn't meaning to. I was just trying to get a

computer and Neuro Headsets for me and my friend

Fargas, but the Division Of Homeland Security

didn't believe that, so I was sent to jail. I met this

friend in jail who was telling me about jail and it

was not the life I wanted to live. I got overwhelmed

and escaped, he helped me. but I went through all

that trouble and got picked back up. when I got

picked up, I had a choice of being a prisoner my

whole life or join the biggest hacking program

for the united states.