RA Peake News

September 19th-September 25th


Happy week 4!
Lots of important updates and info

Voting Registration Program

On Thursday September 22nd at 8pm there will be a voter registration program in the Family Room. Posters will be in your mailboxes this week to let residents know
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Fire Marshall

Fire Marshalls will be here starting September 21st
They will check 20% of the rooms
We dont know what rooms will be checked but they love to check staff rooms
We will follow up with rooms this week from the fire drill
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Bulletin Boards for October

Bulletin boards need to be changed by October 3rd.
Since this will be up for all of October, with midterms and Halloween
You have some options for the board.
It can be academically focused, or with Halloween it can be about alcohol education ,sexual misconduct, safety and security, appropriate Halloween costumes, ect
Speak with me if you have questions
There will be a contest with the other Skyline dorms for the best board.
Winner gets a campus cookies giftcard

Maintenance Request

Here is a list of what is not a request


  • Wifi (call MyResNet)
  • Laundry (call Caldwell and McGregor)
  • Cable (call telecom)
  • Vomit (call emergency housekeeping)
  • Vending (call JMU Vending)
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Keys and Cookies Program

Throughout the week I will be downstairs handing out "key" to success about safety and security and passing out cookies.
Come by and tell your residents
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Door Wedges

Door Wedges are in. I will bring them to staff meeting.
I ask that you paint outside in the courtyard in the grass
This is to avoid any paint being spilled inside
This also helps you to not get fined for spilled paint on the carpets and this helps to not have the whole building smell like paint
There are tables in the family room you can set up outside
Place trash bags over the tables
For when the wedges need to dry, place trash bags along the side of the Family Room and place them there
The paint is to be shared with the whole building so remind residents they are painting door wedges, not the Mona Lisa
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When you are writing an IDOC and are about to send it to me, UNCHECK COVERS NAME.

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FYI Hours

· Monday: 11am-8pm

· Tuesday: 11am-8pm

· Wednesday: 11am-8pm

· Thursday: 11am-8pm

· Friday: 10am-6pm

· Saturday: CLOSED

· Sunday: 12pm-6pm

If you are ordering from Dominos or Campus Cookies there are already set amount of prices. The price charts are located in the hall office in the hall binder

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The space to find your place!

FYI has a new initivie this year, the Niche, which will be located in C Section of Frederikson Hall The Niche is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4pm-7pm. There will be different campus partners available in the space in order to help first years and other students on campus get connected.

Take your residents there!

Heres a puppy who loves fall!

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