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March 2023

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Structured Literacy Training- Complete after July 1, 2023 to "count" for the new requirements.

IEP Goals Progress for special area teachers.

PSSA & Keystones

PSSA and Keystone Assessment Training

Administration Training for the 2023 spring administrations is now available!

This training covers DRC’s systems and processes and is essential for all assessment coordinators. The training has also been redesigned and moved to a new site for easier access. You will find instructions for paper/pencil and online administrations that address key points for before, during, and after test administration.

For paper/pencil administration, the training will include tips on managing the receipt and return of paper materials and applying barcode labels. For online administration, the training will cover all aspects of using the DRC online system, including specific instructions about software, accommodations, test tickets, and using the DRC INSIGHT Portal. In addition, there are short demonstration videos and Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you through a successful administration of the PSSA and Keystone Exams.

Video to Access PSSA & Keystone Assessment Items

Link to Smore here:

PVAAS Info & Local Assessments

PSSA and Keystone Exams - Numworks Calculator

PDE has received questions regarding a new calculator manufactured by Numworks. In order to comply with the PDE Calculator Policy, test administrators must take the following steps for all students using a Numworks calculator.

  1. Clear the memory prior to the test session.
  2. Go to Settings. Under Settings, click Press to Test.
  3. Under Press to Test, turn off the following command functions by pressing the EXE button: Exact Results, Equation Solver and Advanced Graphing. These three command functions must be turned off one at a time. You will know these functions have been disabled when the orange tab turns grey.
  4. Clear the memory once the test session has concluded.

A copy of the PDE Calculator Policy can be found here: PDE Calculator Policy

DRC Grade 12 Graduation Status

New for 2023, Grade 12 Graduation Status files are available on the DRC INSIGHT Portal.

The Grade 12 graduation-status file is a tool to assist you in tracking Keystone results for graduation purposes. The file provides a list of Grade 12 students identified by PDE/PIMS for your LEA along with their current Keystone best scores and composite scores. Note: Keystone proficiency and composite scores are pathways by which students can meet the graduation requirements; however, these graduation-status files are only one source through which Keystone performance data can be obtained.

The graduation-status file is available on the DRC INSIGHT Portal as part of the reports for the 2022-2023 Winter Keystone Exams. To access the file, select Report Delivery from the applications dropdown and then click-on the Pre-Defined Reports tab. The “2022-2023 Winter Keystone Exams” must be selected from the Administration drop-down menu, and the School drop-down must read “(All).”

Keystone results will be provided in the file if a student’s grade 12 PIMS record matches the student’s previous Keystone test records. If a student has had a name, birthdate, and/or PAsecureID change between the test events and PIMS production of the grade 12 file, the student may not have Keystone results in the graduation-status file.

The release of the graduation-status files is happening at the same time as Data Interaction is refreshed with the results of the 2022-2023 Winter Keystone Exams. This is intentional so that LEAs can run Feeder Reports within Data Interaction to obtain the Keystone results of a student who does not have results in this file. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date best scores for your students for tracking graduation statuses.

A Help Guide for the Data Interaction feeder report process is available on the DRC INSIGHT Portal.

If you have questions about the Grade 12 graduation-status file or Data Interaction™, please contact PA Customer Service at 1-800-451-7849 or

Act 55 of 2022 (Chap. 49)

***During the PAIUCC meeting in State College this week, it was clarified that the structured literacy course, if taken prior to July 1st, will not count towards the 2023-24 requirement.

So here are a few things to consider.

  • The SL course is available in SAS but you may want to wait to take the 10 hrs. course provided in SAS next year.
  • Reminder- the course if required for all educators who hold certifications in these areas: special ed, elementary, MS, reading specialist, ESL.
  • The SL course must be provided every 3 years by the LEA. Once you take a comprehensive course, you will only need a refresher course.
  • Act 55 identifies the content of the SL course but not the # of hours required.
  • RIU6 is partnering with other IU's to provided "leveled" SL courses to our districts.

If you would like to read the guidelines- Structured Literacy

Link to Resources in SAS
  • Mandated Trainings
  • View FAQ


Note New Guidance on PDE Site

  • Mentors of first year teachers and supervisors of student teachers (does not include pre-student teachers) may earn Act 48 credit only if the LEA approves the professional development hours.
  • Mentors/Supervisors may receive up to 15 hours per inductee or student teacher totaling no more than 45 hours in a compliance period (usually 5 years).

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning


Q: Why is our submit button grayed out?


  • Admin must register in my PDE Suite
  • Admin must have ONE role (Local User @ LEA level OR Local User Admin)
  • No admin should be at the "school level" but should be in at the "LEA level"

Q: Who should be a Local User Admin.?


  • Chief Administrator (should be assigned to every plan for submission
  • 1 or 2 others
  • A Local User Admin. can see all plans, assign permissions, and take permissions away

2023 Comprehensive Planning Slides

Dual Credit Agreement
  • Agreement must include credit towards HS AND college
  • Weight SIMILAR to AP- the law does not specifically mention GPA. However, it does specifically mention weighting. By excluding GPA for dual credit, this would not meet the accepted definition of weighting. LEAs should review their local policy and consult their solicitors.
  • Agreement will be included in PIMS and FRCPP
  • Competitive grant available in egrants

Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal (FRCPP)

Comp. Planning Webpage

***March Update

  • Flexible Instructional Days Application (slide 2)
  • Phase #3 Mandatory Trainings (Slide 4)
  • Due Dates (Slide 10)
  • Registration (slides 14 & 15)
  • Office Hours (slide 20)

Remake Learning Day and Career Backpack Challenge

Remake Learning Days Across Pennsylvania is happening between May 4 - 23, 2023! For the third year, PDE and Remake Learning are partnering on the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge to offer learners an opportunity to enjoy the festival and earn a #CareerReadyPA badge at the same time.

There are plenty of #CareerReadyPA tagged events for teachers to use during the school day to virtually engage their students and/or for schools to share with students and their families to learn in the evenings and on the weekends.

Complete the interest form for the Career ReadyPA Backpack Challenge today.

Wonder, Explore, & Learn Together!

Remake Learning Days launched in May 2016 as the largest open-house for families featuring hands-on learning throughout southwestern PA and WV. In 2023, Remake Learning Days will take place in northwestern PA, throughout the entire commonwealth of PA, across America, and internationally in Christchurch, NZ, Doncaster, UK, and Uruguay!

SEL Day March, 10th

Dubois Area School District and Cranberry School District participated in SEL Day. Thanks for bringing awareness and participating in such an important cause.
March 2023 - Mathematics Newsletter

Please share with your K-12 Math Teachers!

Summer PD Opportunity for K-12 Science Teachers

The RIU6 PennSEL Network is excited to announce that it will be facilitating a one-day immersive professional learning experience for K-12 Science Teachers on June 20. This session is designed for educators and school/district leaders to build a basic understanding of what phenomena-focused, three-dimensional teaching and learning looks like in a classroom setting, and how the PA STEELS Standards are structured.

The session will last a full day, and participants will receive a Stipend and Act 48 hours for attending. In order to gauge interest, please fill out the survey linked here. You are not committing to participating at this time if you fill out the survey. Official registration links will be shared soon.

Reach out to Ben Brobst ( with any questions!



See Implementation Guides

STEELS Updates March - Technology & Engineering Standards

  • STEELS Hub Implementation (slide 17)
  • Trainings Available (slide 19)
  • Curriculum Access (slide 20)
Help Us Reach Your Teachers!

Please encourage teachers to fill out this form in order to receive updates related to their content areas directly from IU6.

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Industry Based Credential CPR Information

The CPR certificate issued by the provider (American Red Cross) includes the certificate (can be digital) with the certification cost. Schools that certify teachers to teach CPR and go through the American Red Cross program for schools to teach hands-on schools do not result in an industry certification for the students. However, students (e.g., CTE programs including the industry credential for CPR) and anyone can attain the CPR certificate (credential) as part of the cost for training and certification digitally at no extra cost.

Below is the information pulled from the American Red Cross regarding school programs.

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HSI Pediatric CPR Pediatric CPR

Riverview IU6 provides Adult, Infant, & Child CPR, AED, and First Aid from the American Health & Safety Institute to students free of charge as of this school year.
CPR dates remaining: Below are the dates that have been added for training. All sessions run 8am to 12:30pm.

Health Safety Institute is an industry recognized credential. This could go with ACT 158 pathway.

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STEM Design Challenge 2023

The STEM Design Challenge is a competition for ALL 4th through 8th-grade students who attend a public or private school. Students may work in teams of 2-4 to design and build their projects out of K’Nex pieces.

2023 Challenge: Major environmental issues including climate change and pollution are currently facing our world. Your team is being tasked to research environmental issues, identify one that your team would like to address, and create a solution to that issue. Build a prototype out of K’Nex that supports your solution.

Regional Competition Date: April 14, 2023 (PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE!)


PA Media and Design Competition (Grades 6-12)

PA Media and Design Competition, Grades 6-12, April 21, 2023, compete as an individual or as a team in one of six categories: 3D Design, Animation, Logo and Graphic Design, Digital Movie, Programming, Web Page Design

Summer Opportunities for Students

Please share these summer learning opportunities with students and parents. This SMORE newsletter will be updated as new opportunities arise

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